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Pete Sagartz with 40" Northern on a Purple and Black Deps Headlock Jig.

Neal McMillan with a nice Largemouth from Eagle Lake.

Pete Sagartz with a 4.5 lb. Lake St. Clair Smallie caught on a Tube.

Some nice Door County Smallies caught on a Flick Shake Worm.

Tim Cahill with a Dale Hollow Smallie caught on a Deps Headlock Jig.

Another Dale Hollow Smallie caught by Tim on a Deps Headlock Jig.

One of our favorite customers Ricky with his new Ranger Z520.  Sweet Boat

Rick Garry with a big Dale Hollow Smallie caught on a Deps Headlock Jig.

Rick Garry with another mondo Lake Dale Hollow Smallie.

Shane Peesel with a nice Castle Rock Lake Crappie.

One of the many Nice Walleyes that Shane caught on Castle Rock Lake.

Rosie Wendel with a Big Largemouth bass caught in Hayward, WI.

Rob Wendel in a Hobie Kayak with a King Salmon caught in Racine Wisconsin.  Job well done Rob.

This is Westin O'Neill with a giant largemouth caught on the Deps Buzzjet just hours after he purchased it.  Great job Westin

Big Orlando with some Big Largies

John Demay with a Giant Sturgeon Bay Smallie.  John doesn't like to smile because he thinks he is a tough guy, DON"T BE FOOLED.

Tough Guy John Demay with a nice largemouth from his secret lake.

One of Lee's Favorite customers James O'Neill with a giant Largemouth,.

Pete Sagartz with a Toad Lake St. Clair Smallmouth caught on a AYU Jackall Cross Tail Shad.

This Toad weighed 6.11 and was caught in Sturgeon Bay on Opening Day with a Cross Tail Shad Drop Shot.

Mike Gilmartin with the 4.1 lb. Big Bass of the tournament.  Caught on the Mississippi River in LaCrosse, WI.